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SERVPRO of St. Clair Shores Reminds Homeowners to Keep Gutters Clear to Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

Leaves Can Clog Gutters -- Clogged Gutters Can Lead to Water Damage

SERVPRO® of St. Clair Shores brings this friendly reminder to clean out the gutters before winter sets in.

If your home does suffer from water damage, call us at 586-741-5050. We are professionals in remediation of all kinds of water damage.

Have you heard those stories where one thing leads to another, and that other thing leads to another, and the ending is a chain of events that leads to disaster? Here’s our take on that format:

  1. Local Homeowner (LH) doesn’t check the gutters during the spring
  2. Rain falls
  3. Wind blows, bringing leaves and twigs and debris into the gutters
  4. Since we’re in Michigan, more rain falls
  5. Summer brings more rain
  6. LH doesn’t check the gutters in the summer either
  7. The wind blows some more, rain falls again
  8. Birds build nests in the gutters
  9. More rain
  10. Autumn prompts chipmunks to build nests in the gutters – what the heck, there’s plenty of material there
  11. Nope, LH doesn’t check the gutters
  12. Leaves, twigs, and chipmunk debris get packed in by the rain
  13. More rain makes everything heavier
  14. Winter comes
  15. Rain and snow soak into the already packed gutters, making everything even heavier
  16. We have an ice storm – in Roseville, go figure
  17. The gutters break
  18. When LH and the kids pick up the gutter pieces, they notice moisture around the foundation
  19. Suddenly, it is a dark and stormy night! No
  20. Suddenly, they hear a crash as the water-laden roof crashes down into the house

Fortunately, SERVPRO of St. Clair Shores is Here to Help

If the water damages your home, you may have an emergency. Emergency services are always available. Call us: 586-741-5050.

If disaster strikes, call us; we will help restore your home to its preloss condition. Nonetheless, some kinds of water damage are preventable, and the kind that results from clogged gutters is one.


  • Prevent water from running down the walls where it can erode mortar between bricks or widen cracks in stone
  • Keep water away from the home’s foundation
  • Channel water off the roof, preventing damage to the shingles or chimney
  • Keep roofs dry enough so mold doesn’t grow enough to eat the house

Water Damage Can be Serious Without Being Dramatic

Even without a sodden foundation and a roof caved into the kitchen, water can damage homes.

Water damage may include:

  • Destroyed drywall
  • Broken roof shingles
  • Weakened foundation
  • Soggy basement or crawl spaces
  • Delaminated wood or vinyl
  • Rotting subfloor
  • Weakened support beams
  • Moisture in the ceiling or walls
  • Mold or other microbial growth

SERVPRO of St. Clair Shores Wishes All of You the Best