Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Bathroom remodel in Warren, Michigan

Bathroom Remodel: This full bathroom remodel project in Warren, MI was completed in 2 weeks and under budget. Our customer had several contractors provide es... READ MORE

Mold Issue?

The original builder did not install house wrap behind the vinyl siding on this condo in Waterford, MI. After moving furniture one afternoon this mushroom was ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Macomb Mi

Many times we find mold or water damage in our attics, crawlspaces or basements. These pictures were taken during a mold remediation project in an attic in R... READ MORE

Could Mold be affecting your house?

Hidden Damage Can you find the mold damage in the picture of this home in Clarkston, MI? What you cannot see, but will in the next, is the amount of damage behi... READ MORE

Un-Noticed Water Damage = Mold Remediation

There are times, if a water damage is large enough and enough time lapses before it is found, that a large amount of mold can thrive. This particular customer ... READ MORE

Mold in your house?

Water Heater Water heater leaks are another common cause of mold growth. This home in Utica, MI home was built on a crawlspace. The unsuspecting homeowner had... READ MORE